Angry Ball Escape

Can you quell the Angry Ball?
Move the angry ball of fire through the maze and extinguish it in the water vortex!

Angry Ball Escape is a free puzzle game that was designed with excellent graphics and smooth swiping game play. Each level contains one water vortex and a number of obstacles laid-out across the field to help stop your ball on its way to escape into the water hole. The obstacle layout will keep you thinking as you try to imagine the invisible pathway. To play, simply swipe in the direction of the obstacle that you choose to move to.

OBJECTIVE: escape from the maze and quell the ball of fire by finding your way to the water vortex.

  • Fun: for all skill levels and ages.
  • Hints: if you want help for a tough puzzle.
  • Help: with solutions via our Facebook page.
  • Challenging: levels that get more and more difficult.
  • Optimized: for tablets, phones and mobile devices.
  • Regular updates: 75 free different puzzles and growing.
  • Great graphics: entertaining music and sound effects.
  • Score: set high scores and improve your skills by completing the puzzles again.

Angry Ball Escape is an amazing free game that is as rewarding as it is challenging. It’s a logic puzzle that will have you burning for more. Finding your way to the water vortex without hitting the side of the play area can be tough but you can do it. Just out-think this insidious game, quell the fire and win!

If you like Angry Birds then you will love this game!
Welcome to the Angry Ball Escape community!

Your opinion counts and we are here for you, post your comments, improvements and ideas to our Facebook page or send us an email if you like.

Enjoy it!
Check us out:

Install it now and challenge your logic skills.


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