Crackers And Goo

Crackers and Goo uses patterns and mental math strategies to teach children critical thinking skills. Crackers and Goo shows children multiple math strategies for solving problems, teaching them to look at any problem from multiple perspectives and come up with creative solutions.

Children will find Crackers and Goo a fun and challenging application because it uses pattern puzzles to highlight mental math strategies. Parents and teachers alike will appreciate the math hints and equations that are built into the game to provide children with the learning support they need to improve their number sense. Crackers and Goo was specifically designed for the Common Core Standards of Mathematics.

Crackers and Goo has over 6,000 games in 16 different levels of math called skill steps, with many games of increasing complexity at each step. This provides children with enough variety and repetition for deep understanding and long-term retention of the math skills they learn.

Children from ages 4 and will learn and practice the following skills with Crackers and Goo:

  • Counting and skip-counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 100’s
  • Pattern recognition and sorting
  • Addition within 10, 20, 100, and 1,000
  • Mental arithmetic strategies, including grouping
  • Repeat-addition, leading to multiplication
  • Rounding and multiplying
  • Expanding and multiplying
  • Algebraic concepts

Features of Crackers and Goo include:

  • Over 6,000 different games and 100 hours of play
  • Lots of action: players form patterns with flying crackers while dodging goo splats! A math problem must be solved to win the game once the correct patterns are completed.
  • 16 different steps of play, each with over 5 hours of play and focusing on increasingly complex math skills
  • Demo mode showing how to play the game
  • Multiple players with separate tracking of scores and stats: each player has a customized name, sneaker avatar, and game play progress.
  • Hints for completing patterns in every game
  • Mental math strategy hints to help with more complex games

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