iSayHello Communicator Pro

The most effective way to communicate – no matter where you are!

We all now the feeling of being powerless in a foreign country or if talking to someone whose native language we don´t know. In times of techonological progress, we developed the best travel and translator app for your smartphone! No matter if you´re on holiday trying to ask the waiter for the bill or in daily life – you will always be able to answer and communicate with people from different countries and languages.

iSayHello Communicator Pro is perfect for anyone interested in communication, languages and travelling.

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The app comprises one the one hand the “communicator” which consists of a simultaneous translator. Our two little cute monsters enable a conversation between two people from different native countries and languages using a live chat. They translate the phrases effortlessly into one of the 50 available languages.

On the other hand the app contains an offline mobile travel dictionary in 12 different languages including 11 lessons with the most important phrases and words.

iSayHello Communicator is a great way to communicate with people all around the world, either on vacation in a foreign country or even at home or work!

The app is currently reduced to 3,99$ on iTunes and Google Play! Check it out and get started !


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