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Kidaptive released the fifth appisode of Leo’s Pad “The Wishing Fish.” The new appisode is free and is available in the free Leo’s Pad app.

This appisode focuses on cognitive flexibility, self-help skills, phonemic awareness and problem solving. For kids, however, they just know that they are having fun playing with Leo (Leonard da Vinci) and Fusch (Confucius) in a beautiful landscape.

After hearing a story about a magical fish, your learner joins Leo, Fusch, and Cinder on a journey to the Wishing Fish’s lake. On the way, your child puts on a colorful fireworks show; explores Fusch’s library; picks out “wish” items for Cinder; and helps find a way to bridge the river so the gang can catch the Wishing Fish.

Download the Leo’s Pad Preschool Learning series free here.
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About Leo’s Pad:

Leo’s Pad is a series of animated apps for preschoolers created by a team of top educational researchers, an Emmy award-winning creative director, and talented animators.

The apps tell the story of young friends Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Marie Curie as they learn about science in activities such as telescope building, rocket flying, and searching for letters in the stars.

Adaptive games integrated into the story automatically adjust in difficulty as children play. The app measures each learner’s responses along 70-plus dimensions of learning in areas such as spatial reasoning, turn taking, instruction following and empathy.

★★★ Reviewers call Leo’s Pad “SUPERB,” “AMAZING,” and “STUNNING”

★★★ 5-STAR RATINGS from Common Sense Media, The iMums, and AppCraver

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