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On MY APP you will find everything you need about mobile application through 4 different offers :

– With MY APP PRO, you can create applications specially for SME, VSE, traders, craftsmen, towns, showgrounds or events or distribution networks… Each of them has been thought out to meet requirements, both yours and those of your clients.

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You can personalize and change your content whenever you like : Make your application better every day: products, promotions, content, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, news, encouraging loyalty …

Send push messages :use push to send promotional messages to all of your users or just ones in a particular area (clients passing near your establishment).

Access statistics: Use of your application, the most consulted pages or sections and application downloads.

– With MY APP PARTNER, you can use the MY APP PRO platform in “distributor” mode. Publish mobile applications for any industry you like. You will be able to manage client accounts (existing or new) using simplified mode.

MY APP CLOUD is a unique hosted solution which may be used for online creation of mobile applications segmented by industry and with all management and marketing tools for optimum, measurable ROI. It provides your clients’ clients with information and promotions in real time. The MY APP CLOUD administration interface is easy-to-use and updates you in real time. It is free to send notification messages (PUSH)!

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– With MY APP DESIGN, we propose you the custom creation of an application for Smartphones and tablets or a mobile website (or Web app) in 4 key phases:

  1. Launch (kick-off)
  2. Development
  3. Delivery (validation)
  4. Publication/deployment

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EasierApp makes it easy to build high quality web, iPhone, and Android apps for yourself or business. No coding or software download required. Our easy to use online control panel is packed full of features that will give you the ability to make your app content rich with a modern and state of the art look. EasierApp makes it extremely easy for nontechnical people to create and bring apps to the market place. Instead of giving our clients a lengthy tutorials on submitting your app to iTunes and Google Play, EasierApp does all the app submission for you. Simply create the app, and one of our qualified app technicians will complete the iTunes and Google Play submission for you.

Mippin Mobilizer

Mippin Mobilizer

You can use Mippin to create fully operational native app on the basis of external content sources. With Mippinn you can for instance create an aggregator mobile app by mobilizing your contents from socials networks, from blogs and from others contents sharing platforms. Mippin is distinctively easy to use while being able to generate nice and modern app. To build your mobile app with Mippin, you will simply need to select your right template among those available in Mippin's templates library, then you will have to choose the modules (1 module = 1 third party contents extractor) you want to include in your app.

Bizness APPS

Bizness APPS

Far ahead of its competitors, BiznessApps has the advantage of being easy to use while having at the same time a several number of features dedicated to mobility environment. The builder is highly recommended for brands or agency involved in a large scale mobile project. Delivered as web service, BiznessApps is available to users by subscription and doesn’t requires either own hosting nor software investment. Available app features: YouTube Channel, QR Scanner, Around us, Web site, Call Us, Car Finder, Notepad, Changer, Contact, Mortgage Calculator, Direction View, E-mail Form, E-mail Photo, Events, Fan Wall, Food Ordering, Message, GPS Coupon, Home, Image Gallery, 3 types of Info tab, Loyalty, Mailing List, Menu, , Music, PDF, Podcast, QR Coupon, RSS, Shopping Cart, Sports Stats, Voice Recording, Tell Friend, Tip Calculator, WuFoo, Form