Paperlinks is both a mobile website builder and a QR code campaign platform. Delivered as a Software as a Service, Paperlinks implementation doesn’t require either third party hosting nor software investment. The builder can be handled from any web browser.

Our review on Paperlink mobile campaign platform

Paperlinks is pretty easy-to-use. Moreover, should users encounter a problem, they can watch video tutorials which are present everywhere in the dashboard. In addition, thanks to its advanced analytics tools, Paperlinks is well suited for QR code campaigns and mobile marketing campaigns.

Although Paperlinks hasn’t very much modules to meet every mobile project, it has whatever is required by retailers to build proper mobile websites for their businesses. The builder is however less recommended for anyone wishing to engage himself in a personalized mobile web project as mobile design customizability is limited to only some basic parameters.


PROS: Simple and intuitive, App like layout and classic homepage layout are both available, Analytic tailored for QR code campaigns.

CONS: Limited Design Customizability, Two pre-built templates only.

Available modules and features

Introduction, photo, contact, links, comments, video, event detail, promo offer, stay in touch, twitter feed, direct link, download on iTunes, order takeout, Facebook link

Choose a flyer/poster template (Ads)
3 5 4 2 1
Real Estate Flyer School Poster Car Dealer Flyer Restaurant Menu School Poster

Creating a mobile website for QR code campaigns

Creating a mobisite on Paperlinks is a wizard guided process as summarized below:

Firstly, you need to specify general settings of your mobile website (Welcome message, logo, …) and choose design parameters (layout setting, colors setting, …) you want to deploy to all of your mobile pages.

Then, you have to select all modules you want to include in your mobile website and pack them into the box named Selected Modules. Each module will correspond to a page of your mobile website and respective contents and function may vary from one module to another. Some modules will act for instance as introduction texts containers, while others will be used as picture containers or as link containers and so on.

Each mobile page will be accessible from the mobile homepage by a given element of the navigation menu or by a navigation icon. If you want, you can easily reorganize menu order or homepage icon order by moving modules across the Selected Modules box itself.

When all modules are added, you are prompted to customize one after another their contents (header text, photo, body text, link, etc.) by using their corresponding filling form.

Paperlinks has no built-in phone emulator, but anyway, you can monitor the progress of your mobile website creation by scanning the QR code next to the control panel.

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Ubik enables anyone to easily build for FREE mobile websites from scratch or by using prebuilt templates. It is the perfect solution for anyone willing to create mobile website with least economic, human and time costs. Delivered as Software as A Service, Ubik can be handled by the user from regular web browser. Neither hosting nor server management is required as everything is on the web.