Kishkee’s mobile website drag and drop builder is intuitive and pleasant to use. Moreover, unlike some of its template based competitors, it allows user to create a fully customized mobile website in terms of both contents and design.

Delivered as web service (Software as a Service), Kishkee implementation doesn’t require either own hosting nor software investment. The builder can be handled by users from their own web browsers and it is available by subscription.

Review on Kishkee mobile website builder

Kishkee’s drag and drop mobile website builder combines simplicity, performance and flexibility as long as layout and design customization are concerned. Without falling into complexity, the builder has whatever is required for building custom mobile website. Firstly it enables users to stack module-by-module each page of their mobile websites, and at the same time it gives them leeway to customize separately modules’s styles, orders and properties. In addition, the platform is pretty well designed and quite pleasant to use (intuitive and smooth).

By cons, Kishkee is somewhat impaired by its low amount of modules. The eight available modules may be sufficient for basic needs but can be detrimental for more complex mobile website.

In my point of view, Kishkee’s mobile website drag and drop builder is highly recommended for those who want a custom but simple mobile website. More precisely, it is well suited for small business and agency wanting a simple mobile presence while striving for a customized design in order to stand out from the crowd.


PROS: Intuitive, Pleasant to use, Flexible in terms [mobile] layout, Powerful design customization tools, Free icons available, great for creating a mobile coupon.

CONS: Few available modules, No prebuilt templates, Basic analytics only.

Choose a flyer/poster template (Ads)
3 5 4 2 1
Real Estate Flyer School Poster Car Dealer Flyer Restaurant Menu School Poster

Available contents and modules

Title, Text, Image, Slideshow, Video, Button, Geo Button, Latest Tweet.

Using the drag and drop mobile website builder

Kishkee’s back-end control interface consists of two separate panels:

1. A content editor panel which contains :

A library of available modules (See Component tab)

A customization tab (Edit component tab) which is served to edit modules’ contents and modules styles.

A setting tab which is served to customize the header’s contents and the footer’s contents.

2. A phone emulator which is served to both preview mobile website and to manage modules on a mobile page.

When you build a mobile website on Kishkee. You need first to create blank pages and select the one you want to edit. When a page is selected, it will be displayed at full scale in the emulator. To customize it, you must drag from the library every module you want to include and drop them into the phone emulator. You can among other add title module, image modules or button modules.

When a module is added, Kishkee prompt you to customize its contents by using the filling form located in the Component tab. You may also set sizes, text formats, spacing, background or border of your module by using Style editor available in the same tab. And finally, you may at any time, duplicate or reorder (drag & drop) existing modules.

You can add as many pages as you want by repeating the same steps above. When all your pages are ready, you can build yourself the navigation menus (at the homepage or at the header of every page of your mobisite) by adding Buttons modules and specifying their links.

To harmonize modules’s styles, you can also use the Styling tab of Kishkee rather than customizing one-by-one modules properties. For example, you can set a common color and a common background for all of your buttons without opening their containers pages.

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