Shin CMS & Hello framework

Shin is the mobile CMS of Z6creation. As quoted on the company’s website, Shin content management platform is both intuitive and modular. Using does not require any special skill and the builder can be tailored to match the user’s needs. In addition Shin CMS integrates automated features for optimizing images and layouts.

Coupled with the Hello Mobile Framework of Z6creation, Shin may be used to build a regular website that has the ability to adapt automatically with smartphone’s web browsers (Responsive Design).

Like any standalone CMS, Shin cms requires obviously the user to run his own (or a third party) server and consequently needs a certain skill in server and domain name management.

I have not tested Shin’s cms mobile website builder yet and have no personal rating about it. If you are a user of this service, I invite you to share your experience here.

If you are the owner of Shin CMS, you can share your own review by contacting us.

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