Our opinion on Zinadoo mobile site creator

If you plan to create a text rich and illustrated mobile website (news, blog, RSS mobile page), Zinadoo is the right solution for you. Actually, thanks to its smooth and efficient wysiwyg based content editors, not only Zinadoo allows user to easily add text and pictures but at the same time it handles with ease internal link between them no matter the amount of pages involved.

More interestingly, Zinadoo based mobile websites are fully compatible with feature phones. By cons, since it lacks many advanced features (Mobile Map, Photo Gallery, Social modules, etc.) usually required by smartphone users, the software is less suitable for those who target mainly this category of people.

Zinadoo is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is available by subscription. Its implementation therefore doesn’t require either own hosting nor software investment. Zinadoo mobisite builder can be handled from any web browser.


PROS: Easy to use, Compatible with feature phones, Suitable to texts rich and illustrated mobile websites (news, blog, RSS), Smooth and efficient backend control panel.

CONS: Designs and features less optimized for modern smartphone browsers, Few interactivity modules (Map, Gallery, Click to action,…), No smartphone preview

Choose a flyer/poster template (Ads)
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Features & Modules

Text, Photo, Video, Ads, Line, Guestbook, Email me, Feed back, Call me, RSS


Creating a mobile website on Zinadoo consists of a three steps guided wizard as summarized below:

At first, you need to select your favorite mobile template among those available in the templates library. There are six of them and they are categorized according to their scope of activities. When the template is ready, a first draft of your mobile website is loaded on your the control panel. It has already a range of mobile pages including among others a Homepage, an About Us page and a Product page.

You can then customize the contents of any page by adding texts, pictures and internal or external links. Thanks to the built-in wysiwyg editor, you can personalize formats and properties (size, alignment, spacing, bullet, numbering, etc.) of any text or any picture in your mobisite regardless their position and role in a page.

Additionally, you can among other things, add specific features such as Guest book, E-mail me button, RSS, etc. on your mobile website by inserting relevant modules from Zinadoo’s widget library.

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Mobeezo enables anyone to create a mobile website without any special computer skills. Indeed, Mobeezo’s mobile page builder works in the same way as MS Word text editor, except that, apart from classical text processing tools. It embeds specialized modules dedicated to mobile development (Click to Call button, Pictures, Video, Social share, etc.)



1fo.me is a free digital business card builder for Personal or Very Small Business. It is advantageously very easy to use. Actually, to get your mobile website, you simply need to provide some information about yourself and your business through a filling form and then select the color set that matches your taste. 1fo.me based mobile website has only one single page visible which is the home page. It will contain your logo and a navigation menu.



It is somewhat easier to use than most of its competitors. Moreover, should users encounter a problem, they can watch video tutorials which are present everywhere in the dashboard. In addition, thanks to its advanced analytics tools, Paperlinks is well suited for QR code and mobile marketing campaigns.