Thanks to its hundreds of prebuilt templates brought by third-party developers and designers on its marketplace, Ibuildapp enables business owners to easily create mobile websites (HTML5) and native apps tailored for their area of activities. Generally, templates come with pictures and icons adapted to targeted users so that the latter can directly focus on their mobisites’ text contents.

Ibuildapp is delivered as a web service (SaaS) and is available by subscription. Its implementation doesn’t require therefore either own server nor software install. Users can handle the builder from any browser.

Review on Ibuildapp mobile website builder

Ibuildapp is highly recommended if you want to get beautiful and original mobile website but haven’t the necessary times nor the resources (design skills, illustrative pictures, programming skill) to create it yourself. Actually, not only it is easy to use but also it has a wide range of prebuilt templates, and thus reduce the risk of similarity between created mobisites.

By cons, since templates are completely independent on Ibuildapp, switching from one template to another without data loss is almost impossible. Moreover, as there are too many external templates on the platform, finding the best ones is not always a piece of cake despite Ibuildapp’s rating system.

Ibuildapp platform goes beyond a big catalog of prefabricated templates. Thanks to its built-in custom template builder and to its custom modules creator, Ibuildapp enables as well enthusiast users to customize in depth their mobile website both in terms of design and functions (module).

Notice however that, Ibuildapp’s template builder is more suitable for professional rather than the average person. As there is virtually no limit at layout customization, user is not immune to poorly optimized design without some basic design skills.

Choose a flyer/poster template (Ads)
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Real Estate Flyer School Poster Car Dealer Flyer Restaurant Menu School Poster


PROS: Large choice of templates with ratings (market place), Many beautiful templates, Can create both mobile website and native app, Free icons, Built-in template builder, Built-in custom modules builder.

CONS: User cannot change template without data loss, Built-in template builder less suitable for non-designers, Many third party non-serious templates.

Available mobile web features & modules

Custom module, RSS, eBook, Web, Form, HTML, Photo Gallerry, Tap To Mail, News, Audio Stream, Tap To Call, Events, Facebook, Google Calendar, Video List, Twitter, eCommerce, Contacts, Coupons, Calculator, Google Map, Take picture, Video Stream, Qr code scanner.

How to use ibuildapp

To create a mobile website or a mobile app on Ibuildapp, you need first to select your favorite template among those available in the market place. If you like, you can as well build your own.

Thereafter, you land on Build your app tab where you can customize the contents and the setting of your mobile website or mobile app. Build your app tab is made of two separate panels, the customization panel and phone emulator panel which serves for preview.

Once the template is loaded on Build your app tab, you can customize it by following Ibuildapp guided wizard process as summarized below :

  • By using the Edit background and the Edit logo sections of the Customization Panel, you can if required change the background color/image and the logo of your mobile website. You can alternatively ignore these steps and keep the default settings as they are anyway optimized for your area of activity.
  • Next, by using the Manage Navigation section you must personalize your mobile homepage by editing welcome message and header texts and by customizing navigation menu. You can among other customize menu titles, menu backgrounds and menu icons.
  • Finally, by using the Manage content section, you can customize every page of your mobile website by editing corresponding modules (i.e. One module = one page). The function may vary from one module to another, some modules are for instance used as a simple click to action button (Click to call, Social share, etc.) while others are served to display a whole mobile page (Html page, RSS page, Map page, Twitter page, Coupon page, etc.). To edit any module, you simply need to click corresponding navigation menu at the phone emulator and fill out forms and wysiwyg editor that appear for that purpose.

When all pages are ready, you can move to the next tab [App setting tab & App info tag] and set the various parameters for your app (title, description, icon, etc.) and then publish .

You can publish your creation as an iOS app, an Android app or as an HTML5 mobile website.

! Notice: Current review assumes that mobile website/app are created from prebuilt template. Should mobile website / app is built from scratch, ratings will be slightly different (Less easy to use but more customization capabilities).

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