Our opinion on Baresite web optimizer

BareSite enables website owners to adapt their websites for a better display on small screens including smartphone.

FREE and easy to use, BareSite automatically generates a mobile version your website through a piece of code that you place in your web landing page. By cons, BareSite has almost neither mobile dedicated features nor customisation tools. It cannot, for instance, create basic mobile function such as Mobile Map or Click to call, and moreover, it seems to be too simplistic to create a layout fully optimized for modern mobile browsers.

In our point of view, BareSite is as interesting as its non-free competitors provided that one targets essentially feature-phone users or if source-website is mainly made of texts and illustrating pictures (news website, blog, etc.)


PROS: Free, Simple, Can mobilize website for feature phones, Very easy to use.

CONS: No additional mobile dedicated modules, Design not optimized for modern smartphone

Available mobile web features

Text, Photo.

Choose a flyer/poster template (Ads)
3 5 4 2 1
Real Estate Flyer School Poster Car Dealer Flyer Restaurant Menu School Poster

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Mobify enables website owners to convert in real time his regular website into a mobile-optimized version. Efficient and flexible Mobify, is compatible with almost website. Actually, unlike most of its competitors, Mobify enables the user to selectively pick source website elements he wants to mobilize reducing therefore the risk of misinterpretation and minimizing unwanted contents loss.



The free online mobilizer Mowser enables anyone to adapt dynamically any website for a better display on mobile browsers. Unlike its counterparts, Mowser service is rather tailored to mobile web users than to the website owner himself. In other words, mobile users can browse a website on their own initiative via in order to see a mobile friendly version but not vice versa.



bMobilized enables website owners to automatically create mobile versions of their regular websites and subsequently to customize generated mobisites according to their tastes. What makes Bmobilized great is that it doesn't merely adapt website layout for better display on smartphone but more importantly it rebuilds everything (Navigation menus, Headers and Footers, ...) to create fully mobile-dedicated pages.