Dudamobile mobilizer enables website owner to get instantly a mobile version of his regular website. Moreover, not only Dudamobile automatically extracts original website contents to generate the mobile friendly version but, more importantly, it gives the user a great leeway to subsequently customize generated mobile website in terms of contents, features and design.

Dudamobile is delivered as Software as a Service and is available by subscription. Its implementation doesn’t need either software investment nor plug-in install on the original website. The mobilizer can be handled by subscriber from any web browser.

Review on Dudamobile website mobilizer

Thanks its layout and design customization capabilities, its several mobile dedicated modules and its highly flexible contents management tools (contents editing, contents adding, content deleting or contents reorganizing), Dudamobile is, in our point of view, particularly recommended if one wants to mobilize large or a complex website or if one wants to have great leeway on design personalization.

As for mobilization performance, tests we carried out has shown good results. However, given that mobilization efficiency may vary from one website to another, we invite you to do the test yourself and share your experiences with us.

By cons, despite its ease of use, Dudamobile handling may take some time. It requires some personal investment from the user as there are too many parameters to understand and to set at each step of the process. This is especially true if the user doesn’t merely use prebuilt templates and default mobilized contents, but want to customize further.

Choose a flyer/poster template (Ads)
3 5 4 2 1
Real Estate Flyer School Poster Car Dealer Flyer Restaurant Menu School Poster


PROS: Several pre-built templates, Beautifully designed templates, User can edit mobilized contents, Powerful design customization tools, Good conversion performance, Fairly easy to use.

CONS: Too many parameters to set

Avalaible mobile features

Click to call, Mobile maps, Adsens, Image, Image slider, Photo gallery, Paragraph, Contact Form, Open table, Restaurant menu, Paypal, Checkout, YouTube Channel, Columns, Divider, RSS feed, Click to text, Send info, Paypal, Checkout, Email, Image slider, Paragraph, Button, Tabs, Divider, Spacer, YouTube, Video, Home, HTML, Title.

How does the mobilizer work

Dudamobile doesn’t merely adapt website layout for better display on smartphone but more importantly it rebuilds everything (navigation menus, headers and footers, …) to create fully mobile-dedicated pages.

Like most of its competitors, Dudamobile is also equipped with many modules that user can easily insert into any of his mobile pages in order to add special features such as Click to call button and Mobile interactive Map. But what makes Dudamobile different is the fact that not only users can add their own modules and customize them according to their tastes, but also, they can subsequently edit mobilized contents [i.e. contents extracted from original websites] and personalize their styles and properties.

In addition, thanks to its several pre-built templates, Dudamobile allows the user to change the look (colors, menus layout, background, embedded modules, buttons, …) of his entire mobile website with a single click. To further personalize the design, user can as well customize styles and sizes of various mobisite’s elements including Buttons, Special Modules, Text area and so on. Advanced users can even dig into code and edit css, html or javascript codes.

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Mobify enables website owners to convert in real time his regular website into a mobile-optimized version. Efficient and flexible Mobify, is compatible with almost website. Actually, unlike most of its competitors, Mobify enables the user to selectively pick source website elements he wants to mobilize reducing therefore the risk of misinterpretation and minimizing unwanted contents loss.



The free online mobilizer Mowser enables anyone to adapt dynamically any website for a better display on mobile browsers. Unlike its counterparts, Mowser service is rather tailored to mobile web users than to the website owner himself. In other words, mobile users can browse a website on their own initiative via www.mowser.com in order to see a mobile friendly version but not vice versa.