CellAdmin is both a website instant mobilizer and a mobile website builder. In this post, I will focus mainly my review on the mobilizer feature. Details about the CellAdmin mobisite builder are available in the Builder Category.

CellAdmin mobilizer enables website owners to create instantly mobile versions of their websites. Delivered as Software as a Service, CellAdmin implementation doesn’t need either own hosting nor plug-in install on the original website. The software is available by subscription and its back-end control panel can be managed from any web browser.

Review on Celladmin instant mobilizer

Thanks to its ease of use, its customization capabilities and its powerful contents organizer (drag & drop), CellAdmin is highly recommended if one wants to get a beautifully designed yet highly customizable mobile website (both in terms of contents and design). The mobilizer is for instance well suited for developers and businesses including brand and medium enterprise.

Nevertheless, due to high fragmentation of [mobisite’s] mobilized contents, CellAdmin is less appropriate for mobilizing complex or high loaded website. Actually, although independent manageability of each single line of a mobile page improves customizability, editing, reordering and deleting of these fragmented elements can be cumbersome as contents increase.

As for the performance of conversion, the test I carried out was inconclusive. Only a portion of the website I tested was successfully mobilized. However, since results may vary from one website to another (depending on the source website technology), I invite you to try out with your own website and share your experiences with us.

Choose a flyer/poster template (Ads)
3 5 4 2 1
Real Estate Flyer School Poster Car Dealer Flyer Restaurant Menu School Poster


PROS: User can load a whole pre-built mobile page (Many modules packed as a whole page) instead of a single module, Several pre-built templates, Powerful design customization tools, The user can selectively Edit/Reorganize/Remove imported contents, Several mobile dedicated modules.

CONS: High fragmentation of imported contents, Mobilization did not work during our test.

Available mobile features & modules

Text/html, Image, Title, Spacer, Spacer line, Click to call, Click to sms, Click to mail, Map, Working hour, Ad banner, Article, News paper, Dual image, Audio, Video, Time ticker, Slides show, Tiles, Filmstrip, Carousel, Cover book, Facebook profile, Twitter feeds, Share, Blog, Youtube video

How does the instant mobilizer work

CellAdmin doesn’t merely adapt website layout for better display on smartphone but more importantly it rebuilds everything (menus, headers, footers, …) to create fully mobile-dedicated pages. And to speed things up, CellAdmin offers a large number of pre-built templates that help user to change the look (colors, menus layout, background, embedded modules, icons …) of his entire mobile website with a single click.

Like most of its competitors, CellAdmin is also equipped with many modules that user can insert into any of his mobile pages in order to add special functions (Click to action button, Mobile Map and so on). But even more interestingly, CellAdmin gives the user a great leeway to customize both added modules and imported contents. User can among other edit texts, change pictures and personalize styles in order to get fully customized mobile website.

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Mobify enables website owners to convert in real time his regular website into a mobile-optimized version. Efficient and flexible Mobify, is compatible with almost website. Actually, unlike most of its competitors, Mobify enables the user to selectively pick source website elements he wants to mobilize reducing therefore the risk of misinterpretation and minimizing unwanted contents loss.



The free online mobilizer Mowser enables anyone to adapt dynamically any website for a better display on mobile browsers. Unlike its counterparts, Mowser service is rather tailored to mobile web users than to the website owner himself. In other words, mobile users can browse a website on their own initiative via www.mowser.com in order to see a mobile friendly version but not vice versa.