Sitebuilder 2.0 (Netbiscuits)

Sitebuilder 2.0 of Netbiscuit is among the most advanced online mobile CMS available on the market. Thanks to its numerous modules and its highly developed design & interactivities customisation tools, Sitebuilder 2.0 is well equipped for making highly customized or complex mobile websites.
Delivered a Software as a Service, Sitebuilder 2.0 is available by subscription and doesn’t require either third party hosting nor software investment. Subscribers can handle Sitebuilder 2.0 from regular web browsers.
As far as design customization is concerned, Sitebuilder 2.0 is far ahead from most of its competitors. Not only, it enables users to customize down to the smallest details the design and the contents of their mobisites but also, it has all necessary tools for creating original mobile websites without having to deal with html or css codes