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THIS IS IS A DEMO PAGE OF SOFTWARE REVIEW. If you are a software or a SaaS owner, you can submit your software for review or send your own review by clicking this link. Before suggesting your software for review, please make sure that it hasn’t yet a review page with us. You can use the search bar above to check existing reviews.

Note that, even if your service has no “Editor’s rating” yet, you can acquire great visibility by having many resellers and turnkey solutions providers registered as “Web Agency” or “Freelancer” on Mobiwebreviews. In such a way, you will enjoy referral links from you resellers (see demo) while your resellers will benefit from the reputation of your software and brand.

What is

Mobiwebreviews is at the same time a service comparison website, an agency directory and a review system where business owners, resellers or personals can find the right providers and the right software for their Mobile Web Projects. Mobiwebreviews consists of 6 categories:

  • The Mobile Website Builder reviews category consists of a hundred of reviews of Softwares for creating mobile websites. These builders may be delivered as Web Services (SaaS) available by subscription, as downloadable templates for third party CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) or as a standalone CMS available by one-time fee license. Products finder and comparison tools are provided to help you choose.
  • The Website Mobilizer reviews category consists of reviews of Softwares that you can use to mobilize an existing website or an existing blog. Mobilizer can be a standalone Software or Plugin that you can install on your own server or as a remote Web Service that automatically extracts your current website contents and creates the corresponding mobile friendly website. Mobilizer can be as well a Responsive Template which adapts its own layout when visited by mobile device.
  • The Mobile App Builder reviews category is of a number of reviews on Softwares for creating native App such as iOS App or Android App. Some products from the Mobile Website Builder category may appear in this category as they can build both mobile websites and native apps.
  • The Mobile Agency reviews category consists of an interactive directory that visitors can use to find Web Agency for their mobile related projects (Consulting, mobile website design, iPhone app design, Android app development, iPad app development, Responsive website design, mobile marketing, etc.). Visitors may use the built-in Finder Tools to specify search criteria such as language, agency country and service type. Customer reviews are also available to help visitors choose.
    Visitors can as well use our Agency Finder interactive map, to see nearest providers around their positions.
  • Top Mobisites and Top Mobile Apps categories are yearly contests for Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps. Brand, SME’s and personal users may submit their own mobile website for the contest. The winner will benefit a one month long visibility on mobiwebreviews website.
    App review may contain a download link (URL and QR code) in order to allow visitors to install the app directly from iTunes or Android play marketplace.

Do mobiwebreviews Editors’ rating tell me which is the best mobile web solution in the world ?

NO, Mobiwebreviews Editors’ rating and Editors’s Review were not written to praise any service at the expense of others nor to show which service is good and which one is bad. For that you can read Users’ Reviews and visitors feedbacks located at the bottom of each review page to find out how good or how bad is a given service according to users’ experiences.

Instead, Editor’s Review will help you to compare and to find which Software/Service is the BEST SOLUTION for your SPECIFIC NEED. At Mobiwebreviews, we are convinced that there is no universal solution for all mobile web projects. Small-businesses owners may find a mobile website builder great as it is very easy to use while Freelancers would opt for another builder which has a multitude of features. In the same way, Brands may be looking for a highly customizable mobile website template in order to adapt it with his identity while Personal user requests only a simple beautiful ready-made template.

For all these reasons, Mobiwebreviews embed Product Finder Tools allowing users to specify some information about themselves (Profile) and their project that enable our application to find all Services matching their needs and to re-compute Editors’s Rating for each service accordingly. In other words, a given service may be 5 starred and appears among the top 5 for a given user’s profile (eg. Agency’s Staff) while it is only 2 starred for a user having a different profile (eg. Personal user).

Software owner can customize this field by sending us his own review of his own software. The owner review page can be directly accessed by URL by adding ?vr=owner at the end of the default link at (See example here)

End product quality doesn’t depend only on software but more importantly on the person who uses it. So if the software owner’s review page is directly visited from a reseller agency or from a freelancer presentation page, all rating from us will not be shown. This is done to allow turnkey solution providers to express the worth of their services free from technology consideration.

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Mobeezo enables anyone to create a mobile website without any special computer skills. Indeed, Mobeezo’s mobile page builder works in the same way as MS Word text editor, except that, apart from classical text processing tools. It embeds specialized modules dedicated to mobile development (Click to Call button, Pictures, Video, Social share, etc.)

Swiggle is a free digital business card builder for Personal or Very Small Business. It is advantageously very easy to use. Actually, to get your mobile website, you simply need to provide some information about yourself and your business through a filling form and then select the color set that matches your taste. based mobile website has only one single page visible which is the home page. It will contain your logo and a navigation menu.



It is somewhat easier to use than most of its competitors. Moreover, should users encounter a problem, they can watch video tutorials which are present everywhere in the dashboard. In addition, thanks to its advanced analytics tools, Paperlinks is well suited for QR code and mobile marketing campaigns.