Dragon Shapes

Solve shape challenges and unlock the legend of the Shape Master!
4 learning levels of tangram-inspired puzzles follow the story of the Shape Arts Master and his quest to rescue the village’s dragon.
Each level offers a structured sequence of puzzles themed to the characters from the story: butterfly, turtle, mountain goat and dragon.
Helps kids with problem solving and reasoning as they progress through a learning pathway. Kids gain an intuitive sense for geometric relationships and boost their thinking skills at the same time.

Benefits for learners:
* Knowledge of shape attributes
* Strong vocabulary for naming and describing shapes
* Positive feelings and confidence with geometry
* An intuitive sense for geometric relationships
* Spatial awareness, visualization and rotation skills


√ Aligned to school curriculum for ages 6 to 10
√ 4 difficulty levels from basic to advanced
√ Try before you buy: first level puzzles are free
√ 1 in-app purchase for full access to all puzzles
√ Animated story chapters between levels
√ Unlock the story, puzzles and levels as you progress
√ Themed characters add fun and adventure
√ See your puzzle progress on the pathway
√ Inspired by the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle
√ Developed with teachers
√ Targeted content and hints for every puzzle

Level one puzzles are available to play for free and typically take children around 40 minutes to complete. There is one in-app purchase for full access to all remaining puzzles in the pathway (there are 50 puzzles in total). All educational content is developed with pedagogy experts and aligned to the school curriculum.

* Fully tested with families
* Child-friendly design
* No third-party advertising
* Grown-ups area
* Full info on learning objectives

Lighthouse Learning is a children’s digital learning company.
Our vision is for a global community of young learners delighted in real learning accessible anywhere.
We believe kids deserve rich, ‘lost in the moment’ learning that’s naturally absorbing and fun.
We work with parents, teachers and kids to create learning experiences that are truly delightful and educationally effective.

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