Handsound: Custom audio for Apps + Games

We are an award winning audio house producing all things custom music, UI buttons, voice and sound design for game and app developers indie to large studios world wide.

Original music composition (all styles, moods, textures, colours and forms)
Orchestration, synthestration and arranging
Music production, programming and track-lay
Music licensing
Library music production & music searches

Sound design (realism and stylised)
Foley & atmospheres
SFX, UI, player character, non-player character, motions, transitions, impacts, boomers, risers, downers, whooshes

Professional voice actors
Natural and character voice over
Character voice design (player characters, non-player characters, crowds, narration, etc)

Audio post sound recording and editing
Mixing: mono, stereo, standard 5.1 surround sound, 5.1 stereo (3 x stereo stems), 5.1 mono (6 x mono stems)
Audio mastering and implementation (audio imaging for hand held devices, large-scale console implementation)
Audio branding


Clients include: Appster, Crazy Appy, App Camelot, Fastermind Games, Moment Games, Ignition Studios, Devsta Games, Norse Axe Studios, Green Cloud Games, Sprout Labs etc etc.

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