Rosa – Restaurant WordPress Template by Pixelgrade

Download Link: Rosa
Author: Pixelgrade

An image worth thousand words! This idiom takes on its full meaning if you look at the screenshot of the Rosa based website below. Coupling minimalism and parallax approaches, the Rosa theme is one of the most beautiful WordPress templates ever existed.
The Rosa theme comes with all you need to create a great restaurant website, you can for instance, create a fully formatted restaurant menu by using the built-in short-codes, and you can implement without hassle your client’s Opentable API.
Finally, I would say that the Rosa theme usage is not limited to restaurant websites only. The template fits well any business site that requires a visually appealing front-end such as the fitness website, the photography blog and the design agency portfolio.

Key features:


  • Compatible with NoDNS I/O preview engine
  • Breathtaking design
  • Full height parallax
  • Ready made dummy contents
  • Great for restaurant
  • Recommended for design agencies
  • Woocommerce integration

Prospecting for your theme setup service

Boost your client engagement by sending a sneak peek of his future restaurant website. You can for example share with your customer this Rosa-based sitepic example. As you can see, we haven’t added any own branding or external links to make the example site transparent to your own web agency brand.

Recommended plugins

You want to cry out loud that your prototype site is mobile friendly: Pre-install this plugin on your theme.
You need an original social share plugin: Add the Simple Social Share to your site.


Contact Form 7, Customify, PixCodes, PixLikes, PixTypes

Installing the Rosa

Some basic knowledge of the WordPress may be needed to properly handle the Rosa theme and its short-codes. Actually, the Rosas’ front-end page sections are made of a number of WordPress pages structured as parent and children. So during the deployment process, one of your main jobs is to firstly figure out the hierarchy between each WordPress page. Once you master how the page works, you will need to understand the role of each image on the page. The image can be a simple image content, a slideshow element or a featured image. The image behaviors can be different according to your chosen template for a page. Moreover, as some image links are hard-coded as html contents, you may as well need to manually re-size and crop some of them to save bandwidth.

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