Salient – Multi Purpose WP Theme by ThemeNectar

Download Link: Salient
Author: ThemeNectar

Whatever your client’s project (corporate website, blog, eCommerce, agency portfolio site, etc.), whichever your favorite design style (full-width, one page, creative, parallax, infinite scroll, grid, boxed layout, animated, modern, classic, masonry, etc.), the salient WordPress theme is the answer. Not only, the Salient allows you to instantly create the website of your choice, thanks to many ready-made demo versions, but more importantly, you can lean on the powerful Salient’s visual composer to build your very unique custom style.
If the originality is your client’s foremost criteria, then you will enjoy the Salient 3d box roll slider along with many others on-hover animation styles. And finally, if your client project involves an online store, you will not be disappointed either as the Salient theme fully integrates the Woocommerce plugin.

Key features:


  • Compatible with NoDNS I/O preview engine
  • Multipurpose
  • Up to 8 versions
  • Visual composer
  • Woocommerce ready
  • 3D box roll slider
  • Fully customizable

Prospecting for your web design service

The perfect way to convince your client to order a site is to show a sneak peek of the design. As a professional designer, you may however want to keep for yourself how much the theme cost you or you may not want to use as a demo your previous realization. In such case, you can share with your client, as a preview example, this sitepic created with the Salient theme. We have omitted our own branding and external links to make the site transparent to your web agency brand.

Recommended plugins

You want to cry out loud that your prototype site is mobile friendly: Pre-install this plugin on your theme.
You need an original social share plugin: Add the Simple Social Share to your site.


Contact Form 7, Salient Visual Composer, WooCommerce.

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Due to the number of content fields that make each page, setting the Salient theme from scratch may requires some times for the untrained user. As a web integrator, your main job will include the identification of the relation between each element of a page and its corresponding field in the admin panel. Some images come, for instance from the Salient’s header setter, while others are from the Salient’s home slider, the nectar slider, the featured image field or from the post’s visual composer. Fortunately, thanks to the demo contents importer, one generally doesn’t need to manually deal with these parameters. You will need just to select your theme skin and the importer will setup the site for you.

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